Hearing loss affects approximately 1 in 6 Australians and can affect individuals of any ages. Some common signs of hearing loss are: people’s voice sounding mumbled, difficulty hearing in background noise, history of working in noisy environments, requiring the TV turned up to an un-comfortable level for others and/or the use of subtitles.
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Although a diagnostic hearing test conducted by a hearing specialist is recommended to determine an accurate degree of hearing, there are many tools available to help you check your hearing ability in the comfort of your own home.
Independent Hearing offers an FREE online hearing test which is a quick and easy way to check your hearing. The online test will assist with determining any potential hearing challenges you may be experiencing and dependent on the results we would recommend you book in for a FREE assessment with one of our experienced hearing care specialists.

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FAQ's About Online Hearing Test

In this section, We will answer the most commonly asked questions about online hearing test to help you understand your hearing health and take appropriate actions accordingly.
An online hearing check should only be used as a general guide and should not be used for diagnostic purposes. The accuracy of the test will be dependent on the ambient noise levels (or background noise) of the testing environment and quality of the ear headphones used. To obtain accurate results a diagnostic hearing assessment conducted by a hearing care professional is recommended.

The screener will begin by asking you to self-assess the level of your hearing. It will then guide you through the set up process and then continue on to the beep test which will be used to determine your overall results. Following the beep test you will be asked a series of questions and finally you will be given the option to receive a detailed report of the assessment which is sent direct to your designated email address.

If the results indicate some hearing difficulty then a diagnostic hearing evaluation is recommended to determine an accurate measurement of your hearing thresholds, determine the types of hearing loss and rehabilitation options available.

A hearing screening can be conducted online with the use of headphones in a quiet environment.

The online test should only be used as a reference test and is not designed to be used in place of a professional hearing test.

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Independent Hearing offers a range of FREE Hearing Tests. FREE Hearing Screens are available for all ages over 18 years. 

A FREE comprehensive hearing test is also available for all ages 65+ and can be redeemed by contacting our clinic on 8331 1500.

Independent Hearing’s online hearing test measures frequencies at 5 different frequencies in both the left and right ears.

The frequencies tested are 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz and 6kHz.

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