Oticon’s Latest Hearing Aid – ‘Oticon Real’

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Oticon Real™ – Experience the real sounds of life

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Your hearing matters

When hearing works like it should, your brain gets the rich input it needs to understand the sounds around you. But without the real sounds, your brain has to work harder to fill in the gaps, which can be tiring.

Oticon Real hearing aids give you access to your full sound scene using technology that supports how your brain naturally works. Because your hearing matters when it comes to being at your best.

oticon real hearing aids adelaide,oticon real,oticon real miniRITE
oticon real hearing aids adelaide,oticon real,oticon real miniRITE

Hear a real difference


Whether you’re getting your first hearing aid or an upgrade, Oticon Real gives you real-life benefits designed to keep you at your best.

With better access to speech and exceptional speech clarity, you can follow conversations with more awareness, focus, and control. Real-life testing shows that Oticon Real significantly reduces your listening effort – even in noisy situations.1 So you can save your mental energy for better things.

Power and style to keep you at your best


Enjoy the freedom of the Oticon SmartCharger. This award-winning device lets you recharge your Oticon Real hearing aids on the go with a built-in power bank.

The sleek case charges your Oticon Real hearing aids in three hours1 and keeps your hearing aids protected when you’re not wearing them.

oticon real hearing aids adelaide,oticon real,oticon real miniRITE
oticon real hearing aids adelaide,oticon real,oticon real miniRITE

Connect to your digital world


Use your Oticon Real hearing aids as a wireless headset and make hands-free phone and video calls from iPhone and iPad1.

You can also enjoy high-quality streaming directly from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and select Android devices2 and with Oticon’s TV Adapter, you can even stream sound directly from your TV.

Trial the NEW Oticon Real Hearing Aids Today!

Oticon Companion – control at your fingertips


The Oticon Companion app is the new, all-in-one solution that lets you easily control and personalise your hearing aids, find your hearing aids if you lose them, manage your connected devices, and even get remote counselling or adjustments when needed.

For more information about connectivity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

oticon real hearing aids adelaide,oticon real,oticon real miniRITE

If your looking for the Oticon Real Hearing Aids in Adelaide then we can assist you with a FREE Hearing Aid trial at one of our clinics.

Call 08 8331 1500 to book your FREE no-obligation appointment today!

Luke Argent
Luke Argent
Luke is a Co-founder/Director and Senior Audiometrist at Independent Hearing and graduated with a Diploma of Audiometry in 2018. He holds a Qualified Practitioner (QP) number with the Federal Government’s Hearing Services Program. Luke has been involved with the hearing industry since 2015 when he co-founded the business ‘Eyre Hearing’. Due to an expansion of the business in 2020 it was rebranded to its current name ‘Independent Hearing’.

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