How Long Does a Hearing Aid Last?

Hearing aids are expensive and can be a large investment. It is important to make sure that you get the most out of your hearing aids, especially if you have purchased them with your hard-earned money.

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How Long should a Hearing Aid Last?

Most people who start using their new hearing aids will not think about the fact that they will eventually need to replace them. They also don’t know how long their hearing aids should last or what factors might affect this time span.

When deciding on a new pair of hearing aids, it is important to consider how long they will last before having to replace them so you can plan accordingly for future expenses such as buying another set of hearing aids in the future. On average hearing aids last approximately 5 years although a well maintained device may last much longer. Like all technology it does degrade overtime and parts may not be as readily available the older they are. 

At Independent Hearing we ensure we supply the latest technology available to ensure the longest possibly longevity for our clients. To find out more book a FREE consultation below.

Lifespan Of A Hearing Aid

The last decade has seen significant advancements in hearing aid technology. The introduction of digital technology has been the driving reason for these advancements enabling multi-channel devices, rechargeability and blue-tooth connectivity.

It has also enabled hearing aids to shrink in size where even the most severe hearing loss able to be treated with a hearing aid as small as a match stick.

Hearing aids are built to last their design have the ability for dust and water resistance and there are even fully waterproof hearing aids now available. The lifespan of the device is dependent on many factors, which our specialists will discuss with you during your FREE Hearing Aid Discussion appointment.

Typically the average life span of a hearing aid is around five years although there are many factors that can either prolong or reduce their life span.

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