Phonak’s Latest Hearing Aid – ‘Phonak Lumity’

Phonak has recently released its latest hearing aid range in Australia know as Phonak ‘Lumity’. Introducing the new unique feature called Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology giving Phonak users improved speech understanding. Now you can fully immerse in the conversations around you and enjoy easier hearing in challenging situations.

Keep reading below to find out more about the latests benefits of the NEW Phonak Lumity hearing aids!

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Phonak Lumity

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What is Smart Speech Technology?

SmartSpeech Technology is a unique collection of features, designed to deliver the benefits of improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort in various listening environments for those with a hearing loss1

Connect with the world around you

Phonak Lumity provides connectivity to iOS® and Android™ smartphones, TVs, Roger devices and wireless accessories.

Universal connectivity enables your Phonak Lumity hearing aids to seamlessly connect to all of your favorite devices. Make true hands-free calls and pair up to eight Bluetooth® enabled devices, while two are simultaneously connected.

Now available in Waterproof option with Audeo 'Life' Lumity

The second generation of the world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid can be submerged in up to ½ a meter of fresh, pool or salt water.

It’s the ideal solution for people who would like to understand speech well even in physically demanding environments or those looking for a hearing aid that will withstand strenuous activity. Light up your hearing confidence!

Monitor your Well-Being

With the myPhonak app, you can take control of your hearing aids wherever and whenever you like. It also allows you to track health data. myPhonak app even allows you to directly connect with your clinic for a truly personalized hearing experience.

Charging Options

Phonak Charger Ease – Charges Audéo L-R and RT hearing aids in just three hours so you can enjoy a full day of hearing.

Phonak Charger Case Go – Exclusively designed for charging Audéo Life hearing aids up to 3 times while on the go.

Phonak Life Charger – Designed for Audéo Life; inductive charging technology for stationary use.

Trial the NEW Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids Adelaide Today!

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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak manufactures a wide range of digital hearing aids and integrated wireless communication systems. After the merger of Advanced Bionics into Sonova, Phonak started developing wireless technology for Advanced Bionics cochlear implants; notably the Roger receivers that connect to cochlear implant speech processors. In 2016, Phonak launched their first rechargeable hearing aid device.

Phonak Holding AG was founded in 1985 as a holding company for the Phonak Group. The company was floated on the SWX Swiss Exchange in 1994 and renamed Sonova Holding AG on 1 August 2007, although this change applied only to the holding company; all the subsidiaries (including Phonak AG) and product names have remained unaffected.

Phonak’s philosophy states that Well-Hearing goes beyond the ability to hear. It is intrinsically linked to a greater state of physical, cognitive and social/emotional well-being. When you enjoy Well-Hearing, you become well-equipped to embrace the life you want. Well-Hearing helps you be well and live well, which is how we measure well-being.

Today Phonak (Sonova) is one of the largest and most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world.


If you would like to trial the latest Phonak Hearing Aids in Adelaide, Port Lincoln or Whyalla then contact our team of specialists on 83311500 to book your FREE Aid Discussion appointment today!

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Luke Argent
Luke Argent
Luke is a Co-founder/Director and Senior Audiometrist at Independent Hearing and graduated with a Diploma of Audiometry in 2018. He holds a Qualified Practitioner (QP) number with the Federal Government’s Hearing Services Program. Luke has been involved with the hearing industry since 2015 when he co-founded the business ‘Eyre Hearing’. Due to an expansion of the business in 2020 it was rebranded to its current name ‘Independent Hearing’.

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