Bluetooth Hearing Aids Adelaide

Independent Hearing has one of the largest ranges of Bluetooth capable Hearing Aids in Adelaide.

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Bluetooth Hearing Aids Adelaide

Today’s hearing aids are now so much more than just a hearing aid. With the introduction of bluetooth technology hearing aids are now capable of direct streaming to a range of mobile devices such as iPhone’s, Android devices, TV’s, computers and more.

Features such as streaming phone calls direct to your hearing aids make the experience of talking with friends and family a whole lot easier with crystal clear clarity you will never miss conversations again. 

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Advantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  • Stream phone calls direct to your hearing aids (iPhone & Android)
  • Stream music and videos from your mobile devices (iPhone & Android)
  • Stream TV directly to hearing aids with compatible TV Adapter
  • Adjust Volume and Programs via manufacturer APPS
  • Track location of lost hearing aids with ‘Find my Hearing Aid functions’
  • Available in both Behind-the-ear and In-the-ear hearing aid styles

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How Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work?

Bluetooth hearing aids are innovative devices that bring seamless connectivity to the world of audiology. These modern hearing aids use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly communicate with various electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions. When paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device, these hearing aids allow users to stream audio directly into their ears, enhancing their listening experience. This feature enables users to take phone calls, listen to music, and watch videos without the need for additional wires or accessories.

The Bluetooth technology in hearing aids also facilitates remote control capabilities. Users can adjust volume levels, switch between different listening programs, and fine-tune settings through dedicated mobile apps on their smartphones. This level of customization ensures a more personalized and convenient hearing solution for individuals with hearing impairments. Bluetooth hearing aids have revolutionized the way people experience sound, empowering them to stay connected and engaged with the world around them.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Products

Experience crystal-clear sound with our advanced range of Bluetooth Hearing Aids. Stay connected with the world and rediscover the joy of hearing.

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Testimonials for Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Shaun G

I am very happy with my Bluetooth hearing aids. The ability to seamlessly stream my phone calls directly into my hearing aids has made a world of difference at work and I am very thankful to the team at Independent Hearing

Don S

I have had hearing aids for many years and have recently moved my hearing services to Independent Hearing. One of my biggest problems has always been hearing movies on my TV clearly and now with my new Bluetooth hearing aids I can now stream the audio directly into my ears which has been a game changer for me.

Cheryl T

WOW! I have recently assisted my mother with purchasing Bluetooth hearing aids through Independent Hearing. When they said she could have a pair that stream directly to her mobile I was so happy as our family have never been able to talk to her properly on the phone because of her hearing loss. Now with her new hearing aids you would never know she had an issue. Thank you so much!

Irene G

I love that I can connect my hearing aids to my IPAD, watching movies and facetiming my grandchildren has been amazing. Would definitely recommend getting a set of Bluetooth hearing aids and there were so many different options available. Thanks!

Why Choose Independent Hearing for Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

At Independent Hearing, we take pride in being your ultimate destination for Bluetooth hearing aids. Our commitment to exceptional customer care and cutting-edge technology sets us apart. With a vast range of top-quality Bluetooth hearing aids from renowned brands, we cater to diverse hearing needs. Our experienced hearing specialists will ensure the perfect fit for each individual, providing personalized solutions for enhanced hearing experiences.

As always our expertise doesn’t end with the sale. We offer comprehensive aftercare and ongoing support to address any concerns or adjustments that may arise. As an independent audiology clinic, we prioritize unbiased recommendations, ensuring you get the most suitable Bluetooth hearing aids tailored to your unique requirements and budget. With Independent Hearing, you can confidently embrace the world of connected sound and rediscover the joys of crystal-clear hearing.

FAQ's Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In this section, We will answer the most commonly asked questions about Bluetooth hearing aids to help you understand your hearing health and take appropriate actions accordingly.


Bluetooth technology has enabled seamless connectivity to a range of bluetooth devices such as TV’s, Mobile Phones, Computers and more.

For the end user this gives the customer unprecedented sound quality for communication and entertainment that can often be quite difficult to hear.

If you would like to find out more about Bluetooth Hearing Aids, feel free to contact our specialists on 08 8331 1500.


TV’s with inbuilt Bluetooth may have the option for direct streaming to your Hearing Aids. If your TV does not have bluetooth then the use of an accessory or adapter will give you the option to seamlessly stream your TV to your Bluetooth Hearing Aids.

To find out more about how your Bluetooth Hearing Aids can connect to your TV contact our specialists on 08 8331 1500


Bluetooth Hearing aids are available in all Hearing Aid ranges from the base to the top.

Cost will vary from clinic to clinic but typically will cost between $500 for the base level up to $3500 at the premium level.

To get a quote on the latest Bluetooth Hearing Aids then contact our office in 08 8331 1500


Most hearing aids these days will come with direct streaming capabilities to specific smart phones. 

If you don’t have a smart phone but have bluetooth then the use of an accessory may give you phone connectivity ability.

To find out more on what hearing aids will connect to which phone then contact our specialists on 08 8331 1500.

These days Bluetooth connectivity is pretty standard in most hearing aids from the base level to the top. If you aren’t being offered Bluetooth capabilities in your hearing aids then ask your hearing care specialist why. If you aren’t satisfied with the answer then look for a second opinion.

To find out more about Bluetooth capable Hearing Aids then call our clinic to speak with a specialist on (08) 8331 1500.

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