Oticon More 1 miniRITE T


Oticon More 1 miniRITE T Hearing Aid – NOW ONLY $3,500

  • Style: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
  • Rechargeable Battery: Yes
  • Bluetooth / Wireless: Yes
  • Direct Sound Streaming: iPhone | Android
  • Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Loss/Damage: 12-month manufacturer warranty^(Excess Fee of $600 per aid)
  • Smartphone App: iPhoneAndroid


Oticon More 1 miniRITE T Hearing Aid

A hearing aid designed to support your brain

Did you know that even with mild, untreated hearing loss, your risk of dementia can double? In a 25-year study,* people with hearing loss, but not using hearing aids, had a higher risk of dementia. And since science shows that we hear with our brains and not our ears, having a hearing aid that supports your brain is all the more important.

Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology is a revolutionary hearing aid that gives the brain more of the relevant information it needs to make better sense of sound, so you can get better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more. Take better care of your brain, and your brain will take better care of you.

Oticon thinks differently about hearing loss: They start with the brain. This is because you actually hear with your brain – not with your ears. By understanding how the brain makes sense of sound, they can help people more effectively with hearing aids. Moreover, they can understand how to protect the brain from risks related to untreated hearing loss, such as cognitive decline.


Hear the sounds that shouldn’t be missed

Oticon More with BrainHearing technology takes hearing healthcare to a new level. It’s the world’s first hearing aid with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) embedded on the chip. The DNN is trained on 12 million real‑life sounds to give your brain more of the information it needs to decipher the intricate details of relevant sounds.

  • The DNN in Oticon More is trained with 12 million sounds from real-life to recognize virtually all types of sounds to support your brain
  • Oticon More works more like how your brain works because it learned through experience
  • As a result, you get better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more, even in noisy environments


Available in 3 Technology Levels:


More possibilities to connect

Staying connected to family and friends is more important than ever. With Oticon More, you also get a wide range of connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations so you can go through your day with more confidence and convenience.

  • Two-way hands-free phone and video calls from select iPhones and iPads and direct streaming from select Android™ devices*
  • Stream sound directly from your TV with Oticon’s TV adapter
  • Use Oticon ON app for easy, discreet control over the hearing aid from your fingertips
  • Make hands-free calls from any smartphone or connect a remote microphone with ConnectClip
  • Works with EduMic: connects directly with teachers/speaker, microphone systems, computers, tablets and more

*Android devices need to support ASHA to allow direct connectivity to Oticon More. iPhone and iPad devices need to support two-way hands-free communication. Please visit Oticon.com/support/compatibility for more information and to see which devices are compatible.


Take control with Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Oticon hearing aids with Tinnitus SoundSupport help you take control of your tinnitus by playing a wide range of relief sounds like white noise and soothing ocean-like sounds. You can discreetly control the sounds in your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App for iPhone and Android. You can adjust the sounds until they give the relief you need — wherever you find yourself needing it. What’s more, you can wirelessly stream alternative tinnitus relief options, such as your favourite music, audio books, podcasts, or even relaxation guides.


Colour Range:

Available in 8 different colours (Silver, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Diamond Black, Chestnut Brown, Terracotta, Chroma Beige, Hear Pink)

What’s included:

  • Oticon More miniRITE T Hearing Aid
  • Receiver/Earwire
  • Carry Case
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Instruction Book
  • Wax Guards x 1 Pkt
  • Domes (Selection)
  • 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty


Fitting Option:

Devices can be professionally fit in any Independent store for a fee (please contact the store to find your closest location and associated charges). Alternatively if you are not near any of our locations you can take your devices to an audiologist near you to be fit (please be aware prices will vary from provider to provider).

If you have a copy of a recent audiogram we will be happy to pre-fit devices using this to the manufacturer’s first fit settings at no charge.


Returns Policy:

All devices come with a 30-Day money back guarantee. Devices are required to be returned in original condition with no damage to devices or packaging. Please be aware if any damage has occurred to the product or packaging then a refund will not be possible.



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